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Human Resources

Employee Onboarding

Fully optimize the way you handle new hire paperwork, by eliminating it!

  • Seamlessly manage onboarding and compliance documentation, all in a single platform
  • Avoid bottlenecks with improved efficiency and data consistency
  • Workflow automation enables easy implementation, collection, tracking and storage of all forms and documents, including Federal and State tax forms.
  • Electronic signatures can be used as a binding agreement
  • Built-in I-9 and E-Verify tools automate forms and processes for employees and managers
Keeping your employees informed just got easier. Accu Data provides a self-service option that is not only beneficial to you, but empowers your employees to manage their own information, make informed decisions and communicate with HR easily.
  • Employees can view and print pay stubs and their W-2’s online – saving your HR and payroll staff time.
  • Employees can access company policies and documents as well as view messages
  • Your employees can enroll for benefits anywhere, anytime
  • Employees manage their personal information with workflow to managers for approval
  • Streamlines communication between employees, managers and HR
  • View Current Paid Time Off Balances and time taken
  • Request Time Off
Employers of all sizes rely on performance reviews to assess employee performance and determine things like future goals and salary increases. Accu Data, gives employers the flexibility to create completely customized performance reviews that fit with the needs of their organizations. Instead of being stuck with form questions and answers, you can build your own performance reviews with specific questions that will give the feedback you need to effectively evaluate each staff member.
  • Customize your organization’s review questions and rating systems
  • The system will send email alerts that generate automatically to inform managers and/or employees that performance reviews are coming up
  • The easy-to-use wizard tool will guide you through the set up process
  • Schedule reviews at any interval whether it is quarterly, annually or anywhere in between
Accu Data provides employers with a more efficient and secure solution for managing employee files. We securely store records to meet retention requirements and protect documents from unauthorized access and other disasters that can threaten your business. You can easily locate files and spend less time and money on paper, printing and file storage.
  • Eliminate paper personnel files and securely store all employee paperwork and data in one cloud-based system.
  • Provide employees online access to digitally sign required forms and view important company documents.
  • Protect sensitive information and documents by customizing user access levels.
  • Distribute company communications and polices via email using our HCM platform

Accu Data's HR solution provides the ability to track and provide insight to manage employees effectively. We have created a system that can store your employee training and certification accomplishments as well as track and notify the employee and the manager/supervisor of upcoming expiration dates. You set the notification parameters and the system will take care of the rest.

Using our payroll module allows you to keep track of pay raise history but our HR module will allow for so much more. In addition to the history of when a salary change occurred, you can now store the reason behind that change as well as keep track of new job assignments and job descriptions.

Managing your employee paid time-off benefits is simple with our software platform. We can manage any type of benefit accrual from sick, vacation, floating holiday or PTO…you name it and we can manage it! We’ll even assist you with defining or modifying your benefit accruals. Our software automates the accrual process – we build the policy, accrual rates, limits and the system takes care of the rest.
  • Each payroll you will receive accrual reports showing hours earned, used, available balances, and the dollar value of the liability for your accounting ledgers.
  • Our software allows your employees to submit time off requests electronically. Managers receive emails notifying them of time off requiring review, the approval/denial is performed in our software and email notifications occur for each status change.
  • We have an easy to read time off calendar to inform managers and administrators of upcoming days off for staff.

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