“Success in Baseball means you need to work as a team. Thankfully, Accu Data is on ours.”
-Mike Polak, Long Island Ducks


No matter what type of business you’re in, you and your management staff have more pressing tasks than keeping track of who comes in on which days, and how long they worked. If you’re in Long Island or the NYC area, you can simply turn this job over to Accu Data and our time and attendance service!

If you have been using a third party solution for time management, you need to see for yourself what a difference Accu Data’s time keeping solution can make. It’s fully native to our software, which means no more exporting, importing or duplicate data entry. All of your time tracking needs are managed right within the system.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using our time management service for your NYC or Long Island business:

  • Single screen view with hours totals and earning codes
  • Mobile punch GPS data
  • Only setup data once as everything is from one data source
  • Easy payroll closing at the click of a button in just minutes

Time Collection Options

Gather employee time via hardware, software, telephone and/or smartphone - choose just one or as many different collection methods as you need to accommodate your organization’s requirements. Whether you need keypad entry, swipe card readers, door access, proximity readers, biometric (finger scan verification) scanners or labor costing features—there is a clock to get the job done


For many managers and supervisors, scheduling employees and tracking their attendance are some of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of their jobs. Accu Data’s Scheduling & Attendance Module is now available to help reduce the time spent on employee scheduling and tracking attendance. This new module allows you to easily build employee schedules, monitor attendance, and compare schedules vs. time worked.

Real Time Detailed Reporting

Our time management solution allows administrators, supervisors and employees real time access to their attendance information. Using our built in reports library allows administrators and supervisors to access detail of absent or late employees, employees currently on premises, extensive labor allocation, current and historical time cards and much more! All reports can be accessed in PDF or exported to Excel for customization.

Accu Data offers businesses a robust time and attendance service that is easy to set up, eliminates duplicate data entry, makes payroll closing a snap and allows you to generate a wide variety of reports. Contact us to schedule a demo today!