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Summer Camp Payroll

Are your camp fire stories about payroll nightmares? Accu Data makes paying your camp counselors easy so you can get back to the fun and games!

Pay Cards

When considering that camp counselors often come from many areas of the world, it makes sense to utilize an international currency to pay them. For this purpose, Accu Data uses a Visa branded pay card which can be used around the world. Pay cards have the functionality of a debit card with the payroll process of direct deposit. Our pay cards have no fees to the employer and very minimal fees to the employee.

Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance

No Up-front Deposit, No Year-End Surprises

As a business owner you want to eliminate large down payments for your workers’ compensation insurance and minimize year end audit adjustments.

While Accu Data doesn’t sell insurance, we have teamed up with several providers that will afford you pay as you go workers’ compensation coverage. As an Accu Data client you’ll pay based on your current payroll. There’s no initial cash payment and your premium will be calculated based on real wages per pay period.

Labor Law Posters

Accu Data can keep you in compliance by providing you with the most up to date Federal and State labor law posters. Our subscription program will consistently communicate important regulation changes and deliver a simple and comprehensive updated poster kit to you each time there is a change.