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As a businessperson, you already know that when it comes to compliance, it’s all about forms. And more forms. But who has time to find all the necessary state and federal forms, make sure they’re up to date, complete them, file them – you know the rest..

At Accu Data, we’d like to make this much easier for you. So just look below to find copies of the latest forms for unemployment, withholding, tax-related issues and more.

  • Save time and effort on compliance.  We’ve compiled the necessary forms right here for you.
  • Get one-click access to state forms, federal forms and more.
  • Raise your expectations.  As an Accu Data client, you’ll get accustomed to this level of service.


2020-2021 Minimum Wage Increase Guide
2019-2020 Minimum Wage Increase Guide
2018-2019 Minimum Wage Increase Guide
2017-2018 Minimum Wage Increase Guide
2016 W2 and 1099 Processing Deadlines


Payroll Calendar

Click here to download the 2021 Accu Data Payroll Calendar

Click here to download the 2020 Accu Data Payroll Calendar

Direct Deposit Form

Click here to download our direct deposit form

Federal Forms

Click here to download the 2020 W4 Form

I-9 Form

Click here to download an I-9 form

Check Signature Form

Click here to download our check signature form

Labor Law Poster Order Form

Click here to download the Labor Law Poster Order Form

Bonus Schedule

Click here to download the Bonus Schedule

ACA Order Form

Click here to download the ACA Order Form

Sexual Harassment Training

Click here to download the Sexual Harassment Training


At Accu Data, we know that our clients sometimes like to do basic payroll calculations on their own. So here’s a variety of easy-to-use calculators that are always available and constantly updated with the latest tax information. Just click on the links below.

Salaried Paycheck Calculator

Enter earnings per pay period to determine “take home pay” – wages minus withholding and taxes. Click here for the calculator.

Hourly Paycheck Calculator

Enter as many as 6 different hourly rates to figure out “take home pay.” Click herefor the calculator.

Gross Pay Calculator

Input a “take home pay” amount to find out what the gross pay should be, before payroll taxes and deductions. Click here for the calculator.

Aggregate Bonus Calculator

Input your last paycheck amount to get the correct withholding rates to special payments, such as bonuses. (This is state-by state compliant for states permitting aggregate or percentage-based calculations.). Click here for the calculator.

W-4 Assistant

A step-by-step guide through the Form W-4 process for you or your employees. This form determines your withholding for federal, and in some cases, state and local taxes. You can print the completed form for your payroll department. Click here for the calculator.

The payroll calculators above provide overview information about the payroll process. Results should not be taken as exact taxes, payroll or other financial details. Calculators are not intended to provide tax or legal advice. Results may not match your payroll data 100%. Consult with a professional advisor or accountant regarding your company’s payroll issues.