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Payroll Processing

New York City Payroll Services

Payroll Processing: The art of exchanging a worker’s creativity for a monetary stipend

With more than 30 years in business, Accu Data knows how to offer payroll services and support that help businesses run more smoothly. We offer New York City businesses the kind of payroll services that can be customized to your needs -- meaning you can pick and choose which payroll processing functions we take care of for you.

Our payroll services in New York City and throughout our service area are:

Go from data entry to reporting quickly and easily with our online access and Personalized Customer Service.

We’ve designed our payroll data entry to be as intuitive as possible, so it’s easy to create a payroll data entry process that thinks the way you do.

Ever get caught in a “phone maze” when you called your payroll service provider, just to end up in someone’s voicemail? It’s frustrating at any time, but especially when you have a question that needs an answer now.

At Accu Data, you’ll always be able to talk to an actual human when you call. It’s what we call our “white glove” service -- and it’s why many customers have switched from our big box competitors to Accu Data for their NYC payroll services.

Get a complete view of your staff from Human Resources through Payroll with our single database configuration.

For busy professionals in New York City, outsourcing payroll services to a third party like Accu Data means you have more time to spend on matters that are central to your business. Keeping up with payroll taxes, tax reporting, and even regulatory issues and compliance are all functions that Accu Data can take care of for you.

We offer payroll services in New York City that can be customized to your company’s exact needs -- no more, no less. The payroll professionals at Accu Data provide the kind of attentive, personalized service that makes us feel like another department of your own company.

Some of the many benefits of choosing Accu Data as your partner in payroll processing include:

  • Real Time Payroll Reporting means you never have to wait until the next day for the payroll reports you need right now. Instantly pull up and print reports such as Payroll & Check Registers, Tax Liability and Cash Requirements, or use our Report Writer function to create a more customized report with the exact information you need.
  • Direct Deposit Services give your employees a paperless payday, eliminating the possibility of lost or stolen checks as well as the need to stand in line to get their checks cashed. With our Direct Deposit and Pay Cards, employees have instant access to their wages, and their pay stubs are viewable online 24/7.
  • Wage Garnishment can be difficult to interpret and implement, but Accu Data can manage your wage garnishment notices and payments in an efficient manner. Every payroll period, we can ensure that wage garnishment and child support payments, as well as liens, tax levies and bankruptcy payments, are processed accurately and without any effort or worry on your part.
  • W-2 Processing begins in November with Accu Data’s payroll processing services, because we want to make sure there is plenty of time for you to review W-2 sensitive information for correctness before W-2s are printed.
  • 1099 Reporting: Not only do we handle 1099 reporting, but we also ask the right questions to ensure that 1099 recipients are properly classified as consultants or contractors rather than employees -- a common mistake we can help you avoid.
  • Total Data Security is what you get with Accu Data’s multi-layered security protocol. We’re SSAE 16 certified, so you can be assured that only those people with the proper security clearance can access your payroll data and other information.

Accu Data’s payroll services in New York City take care of the nitty gritty payroll details with accuracy and visibility -- so you don’t have to spend time performing these tasks in-house. Contact us today for a demo or a quote!

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