Accurately tracking time and attendance is very important for all organizations, no matter the size of the business. It’s also very complicated. The growth of the gig economy has many companies using freelancers along with full-time employees. And often, in-staff employees work outside of the office…and outside of normal work hours. All of this has made keeping tabs of employee work time more difficult than ever.

Today’s new workplace environment has more and more companies turning to automated time and attendance software. If you haven’t done so yourself, here are five reasons why you should make the move:

  1. It Reduces Human Error

Whenever processes are calculated or completed manually, mistakes are bound to happen. All it takes is one misplaced decimal, digit or date to adversely affect payroll, time-off requests and other human capital management (HCM) functions. With time and attendance software, the human error factor is all but eliminated, as all of your time-tracking needs are managed right within the system. You’ll experience greater accuracy in labor tracking and employee compensation, without the trouble of exporting, importing or duplicate data entry.

  1. It Reduces Paperwork

Managing and storing time and attendance documents via paperwork is just not viable for most HR and payroll departments anymore. Collecting employee time, approving hours, planning schedules, etc. is both a time- and space-consuming endeavor. When you choose a time-tracking solution like Accu Data’s, you no longer have to manually collect and plan schedules each pay period. You can also say goodbye to all the shelving and filing cabinets taking up space in the office.

  1. It Reduces Costs 

Inaccurate time reporting. Tardiness. Buddy punching. Overpayment. It all adds to business costs that can really impact your bottom line. Using automated software helps you accurately capture all timekeeping and attendance-related information, eliminating time theft (intentional or not) and human error, helping you increasing efficiency and in the long run, improve your profitability.

  1. It Reduces Absenteeism

Every company has to deal with unanticipated absences at the workplace. Employees get sick, or need to take care of a kid or handle a family emergency. But if not monitored or managed, absenteeism can get out of control, which can lead to missed deadlines, or poor customer service and possibly lost business. An automated solution, like Accu Data’s, allows you not only to track rates but report reasons for each absence. This allows HR teams to monitor and analyze the whens and whys, and then create a comprehensive attendance policy.

  1. It Increases Employee Satisfaction 

Business owners and HR managers aren’t the only ones to benefit from an automated time and attendance solution. Employees are empowered to access their own information—such as how many personal or sick days they have remaining in the year—on their own at any time. They will also notice how much faster it is for HR managers to review, approve and address the time-off requests, allowing them to start preparing their vacation and time-off plans sooner.

Are you ready to bring an automated time and attendance solution to your office?  Contact Accu Data today to learn more about how we can help you with real-time detailed reporting, scheduling and time collection options, along with our host of other Human Capital Management (HCM) services, including payroll, benefits administration, applicant tracking and more.