As the saying goes, “To err is human, to forgive divine. But tell that to someone waiting on a late paycheck! It doesn’t take more than a couple of payroll errors to create fractures in employer-employee relations. That’s why most organizations have made the move to automate their payroll process. But is that enough? Errors can still happen if your time and attendance payroll Integration is not in place.

In previous blog, The Top 5 Features of a Time and Attendance App we’ve covered the key benefits of using a cloud-based system to track your employees time and attendance (you can check one out here). But once you make that move to an automated time-tracking app, it’s important to integrate it with your payroll module for a more simplified and accurate payroll experience.

Some Benefits of Time and Attendance Payroll Integration:

  1. Accurate Payroll Processing

    Your time-tracking system will gather all of your worker’s attendance data in real-time and figure in overtime, holiday and vacation pay as well when warranted. It then automatically calculates payroll based on the data it collects without the need for manual intervention. Which brings us to…

  2. Less Human Input (and Paperwork)

    When your time and attendance app is siloed from payroll, there’s more potential for errors—and the headaches that come with them—as H.R. managers have to manually import data into the payroll system. An integrated system relieves the HR team of such administrative tasks, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry or importing time into spreadsheets. An integrated system means no more printing and storing records, helping your business go paperless.

  3. Fewer Non-Compliance Events

    Being audited for possible wage and hour compliance violations is a major headache. You need to properly track your staff’s time (and overtime), or you could get hit by fines and lawsuits; you could even lose your business. Integrating your time and attendance with your payroll system helps you avoid these events. You’ll receive consolidated reporting that verifies compliance and also alerts you to any possible Department of Labor violations.

  4. Detailed Reporting

    Along with compliance, a fully integrated payroll system allows you to immediately access data and produce informative reports on everything from work hours and overtime to absences and tardiness. These enhanced reports can be autogenerated or customized, alerting you to potential problems and often identifying new opportunities.

  5. Improved Employee Engagement

    Many automated time-attendance apps (such as Accu Data’s) offer an employee self-service portal, which empowers staff members to manage their time, view their schedules, monitor salary payments, and access tax info. This access provides staff with the transparency they want in the company they work for. And, in the process, it frees management from the burden of resolving simple issues that employees can now take care of themselves.

As another saying goes, “Two is better than one!When you integrate your time and attendance system with payroll through Accu Data, you’ll enjoy a simplified, accurate and error-free payroll experience!

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