In the modern workplace, the expectations placed on Human Resource teams to handle all of the demands of people management can be stressful. Gone are the days of simply gathering and storing employee information. HR now encompasses a vast array of functions, and if your company is not using the right tools, or is using multiple systems, efficiency can suffer and errors can multiply.

Many organizations are turning to Human Capital Management (HCM) software, which features integrated technology, tools and processes to keep all critical functions in one database. Here are six areas that an HCM software solution can simplify people management.

  1. HR, Benefits and ACA

With all functions in one database, an HCM software solution makes HR tasks like salary management, performance reviews and training/certifications streamlined and easier to track. It enables your business to engage in employee eligibility, benefit selection and enrollment, as well as cobra administration, all in one solution, while maintaining ACA compliance.

  1. Applicant Tracking

The process of adding employees to a company can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, especially when using a non-automated approach. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows you to move candidates through the funnel more efficiently, with customizable dashboards and on-demand analytics to help you organize and track prospects. Accu Data’s Human Capital Management solution offers add-on services as well, like background checks and drug screening for companies looking to take extra precautions during the hiring process.

  1. Onboarding

Once a new hire is made, an HCM solution begins the new relationship on the right foot, allowing you to manage all onboarding and compliance documentation, including Federal and State tax forms. Workflow automation enables easy implementation, collection, tracking and storage of all forms and documents, often readying your new hire before their first day at the office.

  1. Time and Attendance

With companies relying more on freelancers and in-staff employees working more hours outside of the office, tracking time and attendance without an automated system can be impossible. With an HCM solution, all time-tracking needs are managed right within the system, helping you accurately record work hours, eliminate time theft and reduce costly errors.

  1. Payroll Processing

Manually entering time and exporting data to and from siloed platforms is bound to lead to payroll mistakes at some point. An HCM software solution all but eliminates human error. At Accu Data, our payroll processing solution is built from the ground up in the cloud, ensuring that your payroll is processed efficiently, accurately and easily. There’s no more siloed systems, saving you time and eliminating mistakes.

  1. Learning Management System

A lot of companies are turning to e-learning solutions to save on costs associated with in-person training and also to dictate the learning experience they’re providing to their employees. That’s why agencies such as Accu Data have integrated Learning Management System (LMS) into their HCM software. It allows you to keep track of your employees’ progress through easy-to-generate training reports and let’s you assign courses that are personalized for your business.

Is your company looking to adopt a Human Capital Management solution? Contact Accu Data today to see how our unified, single-source HCM solution can help you increase organizational productivity and profitability, with comprehensive functionality for Payroll, Human Resources, Time & Attendance, Applicant Tracking, Benefits Administration, Learning Management Systems and ACA Compliance.