HR and payroll are two distinct areas of a business, but they both face a similar challenge: keeping track of ever-changing employee information. Often this information exists on separate systems, which can lead to data inconsistencies and an inefficient use of time as your team manually tracks and updates information. This is why many businesses are automating the process with a human resource information system. An HRIS is software that provides master data management with one database and one login. Here are some of the ways an HRIS can increase productivity and save your HR and Payroll teams’ sanity:

Keep Track of Personnel Records in One System

An HRIS allows you to store all employee data into the system and access it from anywhere at anytime, everything from home addresses to Social Security numbers to changes in W-4 forms to visa or work permit information. And many HRIS systems offer self-service functions, allowing employees to update or change their own information without HR supervision or the need for paper files.

Keep Track of Job Performance

Performance reviews, while well intentioned, are often poorly executed. Sometimes it’s because expectations and goals aren’t well defined. Other times, employee performance isn’t consistently tracked. Either way, it results in inaccurate or vague feedback. HRIS makes performance management a lot simpler, allowing you to record specific objectives, measure performance and give feedback on a more regular basis, week-to-week or goal-by-goal. Better performance reviews will ultimately lead to more efficient performance from your team.

Keep Track of Certification and Training Requirements

Any HR manager knows how important it is to maintain detailed certification and training records for their employees. They also know how hard it is to keep track of it all, with varying expiration dates and changing certification requirements. But An HRIS offers an organized way to keep track of training, licenses and certifications, allowing you to maintain a comprehensive record for each employee, with alerts to remind you when expiration dates are approaching. HRIS ensures that your employees can continue performing their jobs according to industry standards and with that, ensures that you maintain your clients’ trust.

Keep Track of Your Equipment

Asset management goes beyond keeping a terminated employee from making off with a company stapler. It involves every piece of equipment used by your employees, from laptops to smart phones to company cars. If separate systems are used to keep track of who has what, it’s easy for things to get lost. With an HRIS, you’ll know which employees have which assets, right down to brand, color and serial number. From onboarding to offboarding, you can easily retrieve information on what products you need to collect or assign without the paperwork, the searching or the headaches.

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