It’s easy for human resources and payroll managers to get buried in un-started or un-finished files, especially during peak business periods. When these backlogs happen, the burdens affect everyone in the company, from in-office staff to remote workers to business owners.

That’s why more organizations are turning to employee self-service (ESS) as a way to help employees manage their own information while at the same time ease the workload and stress for HR and payroll teams. Here are four key benefits of using an ESS solution at your office:

  1. It empowers employees

ESS allows employees to manage their own data without depending on the assistance of HR and payroll departments. With just a few clicks, they can edit their contact info, reimbursement requests, benefits enrollment, and more. New employees can fill out onboarding paperwork electronically, such as I-9 and W-4 forms and non-disclosure agreements before they even show up for their first day of work. On the flipside, exiting employees can take care of offboarding paperwork; from termination letters to final paycheck and benefits documents. From hire to retire, ESS gives your employees greater control.

  1. It improves communications

Playing phone tag and waiting on email replies regarding time-off requests or changes to personal information can be frustrating for everyone involved. But ESS streamlines HR- and payroll-related communications and tasks. Employees can submit workflow and requests for approval through an automated digital process that’s easily accessible and reviewable by all involved. ESS can also be set to automatically e-mail workers whenever HR cases are updated or need an employee’s attention. This eliminates the chance of any important paperwork falling through the cracks.

  1. It gives everyone anytime/anywhere access

One of the greatest features of ESS is its mobility. Weather or not your organization employs remote workers, the fact is, most employees use mobile technology in some form every business day. With an employee self-service system, your workers can now enroll for benefits, access company policies and documents, view and print pay stubs and tax forms with 24/7 anywhere access and convenience…at their homes, after work hours, through a smartphone or other web-enabled mobile device.

  1. It saves HR teams time and headaches

You want your company to be a happy, inviting place to work. ESS not only establishes an environment of engagement and inclusivity for your employees, it is HR and payroll teams that will really reap the benefits. Now that they’re free from dealing with every routine administrative task that pops up, they’ll have time to tackle more complex problems or implement additional benefits like wellness and perks programs…initiatives they didn’t have time to even consider before.

While no employee self-service portal can take the place of an experienced HR or payroll team, deploying a proven system, like Accu Data’s ESS software, can save employees hours of aggravation and increase company efficiency company-wide. Contact us today to learn more about our self-service option, as well as our Human Capital Management (HCM) solution designed to help you increase organizational productivity and profitability.