Selecting a quality payroll provider is one of the most important decisions a business owner will make. There are multiple ways to go about it: You can thumb through the phone book; search online; get a recommendation from your accountant; or pick a payroll company at random and hope for the best.

When searching for a payroll provider, you basically have two options: You can opt for a larger, more impersonal payroll company, or go local with a company that will get to know you and your business, how you work, and one that will carefully assess your present and future payroll services needs. When you go local — the payroll provider will get to know you, how you work, and what your needs are today and tomorrow.

Going Local Wins the Race
When you hire a local payroll provider, you’re not engaging with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ conglomerate. Local payroll providers like Accu Data Workforce Solutions realize that every business is unique and has different needs. We take the time to understand your specialized requirements and go out of our way to accommodate those needs.

Personal Touch Translates to Better Service
With a smaller, more personalized payroll firm, you’ll be assigned an account executive at the inception. This person will almost always answer your calls right away, or designate a competent surrogate; either way, he or she will be responsive to your needs whenever it’s required. This saves time and aggravation — and that’s money in the bank! A local payroll provider will also know you by name; it’s that kind of personal service that just doesn’t exist with large, impersonal payroll companies.

Penny-Wise and Cost Efficient
Keeping costs down is always a consideration for local businesses. Smaller, local payroll firms tend to be less expensive than large payroll concerns; they have lower overhead and can afford more personalized service while offering customized solutions to your payroll needs. From a cost-perspective alone, it makes sense to think locally.

With Local Firms, Knowledge Is Power
When it comes to knowledge of local tax and payroll issues, no one knows the laws and requirements like a locally owned and managed payroll provider. Businesses can’t afford not to be on top of the latest payroll laws; it simply pays dividends to opt for a local firm that knows the local laws inside and out.

Proximity Pays Dividends
When it comes to expediting payroll, going with a local firm makes a lot more sense purely from a logistical standpoint. In the event of bad weather or some other unforeseen event, payroll checks coming from distant remote offices can take days to reach their destinations. With a local firm, you can bank on paychecks arriving earlier; when it comes to paycheck deliverability, time is definitely money.

Because Time Is Money, Local Training Makes Sense
Training is no small consideration for a payroll provider. With a local firm, on-site training is convenient, and this makes for a better relationship with clients, who often appreciate being in closer proximity to their payroll provider. Finally, having a payroll provider in the local area helps the community by providing jobs and keeping business within the region. When it comes to a payroll provider, thinking locally — and acting locally — makes for smarter service, closer relationships, and a better way to interact with your payroll firm.

Pride of Place — All Close to Home
Accu Data, based in Hicksville, NY is proud to be a member of the Long Island business community. We value our prized relationships with our local clients, and go out of our way to accommodate every client need equally. There are larger payroll providers, yet there is no substitute for personal service, close proximity, and the caring business-to-business relationship with a provider who calls the local community home.

Learn More About How Going Local Will Make a Big Difference
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