If you’re running a business it can sometimes seem like you’ve got a revolving door at the entrance. People come and people go at all hours, and it’s virtually impossible to keep track of who’s arriving and who’s leaving, and for how long they’ve been gone. Monitoring the comings and goings of your staff could translate to a full-time job in itself!

Not anymore. Now employers have a solution to the ‘revolving door’ challenge of keeping track of employees’ arrival and departure times — thanks to new software from Accu Data. Our Time and Attendance software service is the ideal way to keep track of who’s on site for how long, and to finally get a handle on the exact amount of time personnel are on or off the job. Third-party providers can’t keep assiduous track of your employees’ schedule like our Time and Attendance software.

Our virtual attendance program is fully native to Accu Data’s proprietary software, meaning that it completely eliminates the need for exporting, importing or duplicating data entry. With Time and Attendance software, all time-tracking data is managed directly within our system.

The benefits of our Time and Attendance time-tracking software are numerous; you’ll see results right away, and reap the rewards consistently going forward. The advantages of our innovative software include:

  • Single-screen view displaying hours totals and earning codes
  • Convenient mobile-punch GPS data
  • Set-up data only once; all information is from a single data source
  • Simple payroll closing in mere minutes with just the click of a button

With Time and Attendance software from Accu Data, employers can gather workers’ time via hardware, software, telephone and/or Smartphone. From keypad entry, swipe card readers and door access to proximity readers and finger scan verification scanners, Time and Attendance puts you in control of monitoring employee time. The Scheduling and Attendance Module keeps track of each employee at every phase of the workday, while the real-time reporting function gives a clear picture of employee time — all the time.

Our Time and Attendance software program is a great leap forward for managers and business owners who want a smart solution to time-tracking challenges. Have questions or want a demonstration? An Accu Data Workforce Solutions representative has all the information you need to finally get control of your employee time-tracking issues.

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