So you just spent the last three months reviewing hundreds of resumes, interviewing dozens of applicants and checking countless references in order to fill one office position. But all that effort paid off: You found the perfect candidate for the job. You made an offer. She said yes. And she can start in one week. Terrific! The heavy lifting is over, right?

Well…not quite. While hiring a new employee can be a time-consuming (and stressful) venture, it’s important to spend a few extra hours preparing for what happens after your chosen candidate says “yes.” A major league baseball team doesn’t draft a player and tell him they’ll see him on the field Opening Day, right? New hires need to be properly onboarded to ensure they’re acclimated not just to their new job, but for the new office environment they’re entering. Here are five steps to take to make sure your rookie is ready to bring his or her A-game right off the bat!

Don’t wait until Day 1

Before your new employee begins, send him or her all the forms (or digital files of the forms) that have to be filled out. I-9s need to be completed and returned within 3 days of the start date. W-4s should also be turned in as soon as possible. Additional paperwork, such as health care information, direct deposit forms, and non-disclosure agreements should also be sent and returned before the hire even shows up. That first day will already be busy enough. Why swamp the newbie with boring paperwork on top of it all.

Set goals…for the new hire and for you

You probably talked about goals and expectations during all those interviews and follow-up conversation during the hiring process. Now that the candidate has the job, it’s time to revisit these discussions to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot. Remind your rookie of what your expectations are…and be sure to ask about his or her career objectives as well. It’s important that you set the tone early that this working relationship is designed to be mutually beneficial.

Give them a tour

There’s a lot of information your new employee will be hit with on Day 1, and lot of questions he or she will have. “Where’s my desk?” “Where’s my boss’s office?” “What’s the code to the bathroom?” Be sure to start the first day with a grand tour of the office so he or she can meet everyone on your team and get the lay of the land. Consider ordering in lunch for the company that day as well. Pizza and soda in the conference room is a great way for your rookie to get to know the rest of the staff in a relaxed and informal setting.

Get them app to speed

Does your company use Google Docs or Microsoft Office? Dropbox or WeTransfer? Slack or Workplace? Not every company uses the same tools and technology; you can’t just assume your new hire will be able to automatically reassign job tasks in your project management solution or set up a conference call on your phone system. Take the time to walk your rookie through your email and communications services and whatever software and apps you regularly use.

Begin the knowledge transfer

After all the forms are completed, all the introductions are made, all the tech and tools are introduced and the first job assignments begin rolling in, it’s very likely your new employee’s brain will become overstuffed. Names will be forgotten…along with app functionalities…and bathroom codes. Make sure to offer additional support and resources, either through a knowledge repository, access to key files or an assigned office mentor—something he or she can refer to without having to bother the new boss.

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